The gift of hope, love & sustainability.

100% of all donations go directly to the children of Watoto World Center in Kenya. 

Giving Tuesday 2020

We believe in nourishing the long-term growth of children. In 2020/2021 this means:

  • Local Private School 

  • Safety: Masks, Wash Basins & Sanitizers

The local elementary school is too far away, lacks in formal structure and education, and importantly, does not offer the security I want for our children.  The 4km walk 2x a day is too much for the kids.  WWC believes the best way we can promote our children into the future is to give them the education they deserve:
  • TechnologyTransparencyPersonal attention
  • Cushion of support in a nurturing environment
  • A Focus on the child and his/her emotional development
  • Transportation eliminated due to location in the village
  • Athletics after school



Watoto World Center officially opened in September 2013.  Currently home to 20 children, ranging from 4 to 15 years of age, all of whom attend primary school during the day. 


We wish to accommodate more children, but because the home is at capacity and resources are limited, we are forced to turn many away.


WatotoWorld, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished orphans in Kenya, by doing everything possible to ensure the children are given the basic human needs to survive.  With love, compassion and a commitment to education and sustainability, we strive to ensure each child will be provided every opportunity to reach his and her fullest potential.

WatotoWorld, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.​

​Short term, WatotoWorld's mission is to rescue and rehabilitate more orphans and vulnerable children, while at the same time expanding the new WatotoWorld facility. 


In addition, we continue to work on self-sustaining projects while providing the necessary support and education for eventual independence.

Currently, most projects of this kind are concentrated within major urban centers.  WatotoWorld's focus is on the rural hinterlands.  It is our goal to motivate institutions, government and donor agencies, and individuals to go to work in these neglected areas that present a socio-economic time bomb.

WatotoWorld's priority is to reach these rural areas and promote social and economic empowerment to disadvantaged people. 



We nurture and support the entire child while she is in our care.  Stability, therapy, nourishing food, education and a whole lot of love.  When a child feels safe in a caring environment, her natural resilience can emerge. It's amazing to witness the children flourish and begin to support each other's healing.

School provides structure, intellectual stimulation, and builds foundational skills towards a stable future.



With the support of our donors, we have worked hard to make Watotoworld as self-sustaining as possible. A borehole to bring water. Efficient Solar Power. Organic farming. Energy-efficient stoves. 


Watoto World Center sells surplus vegetables to many community members, who can then turn around and profit from their sales to residents of their own villages. Self-sustaining farming is the way to go!



A thriving, healthy community is more able to take care of the vulnerable, including children. We work with the greater community to help create an environment where children can thrive.


Some of the children in our care have guardians that are willing but not able to care for the children for a variety of reasons.  We work closely with the local government to find and support the long term environments of the children in our care.

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