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Community Center

A longtime goal of Watoto World has been to support and bolster the community. On the eve of the first medical clinic offered to the community, Covid-19 struck. Despite this temporary setback, the center has been well received by the community, planting the seeds for greater positive impact.
Since 2021, WWC has welcomed over 3000 residents to our Free Medical Clinics.  These clinics, with your support, have made an enormous difference not just in the lives of our children, but to all in our vast community.  We have partnered with Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital, World Friends from Italy and (locally) Afyia Hospital and Afyia Dental Clinic, in our mission to bring medical services to the most needy.
John Kamau has also formed a lasting relationship with the ACC (Area Advisory Council) which is comprised of stakeholders involved with the children (DCO, Ministry of Health, Chief, Ministry of Education, Representative from Court, etc.).   We have offered our Community Center to the AAC on an as needed basis, as a measure of good faith and goodwill to the Community.

We have started construction on the new Community Centre, which has been delayed by months of rain. 

Stay tuned for updates!

Children Transition to Local Private School
The local elementary school is too far away, lacks in formal structure and education, and importantly, does not offer the security we require for our children.   WWC believes the best way we can promote our children into the future is to give them the education they deserve:
  • TechnologyTransparencyPersonal attention
  • Cushion of support in a nurturing environment
  • A Focus on the child and his/her emotional development
  • Transportation eliminated due to location in the village
  • Athletics after school
  • Drama competition
  • Science Fairs
Since 2020, we have graduated 7 children and reintegrated 10 back to their families. Currently, 6 our of children are in Secondary School whereby we can monitor their progress and offer assistance and counseling where needed. For those more focused on trade, we now offer tuition for vocational school, which has made a terrific difference in allowing the children to make better choices and paths that fit their abilities.

         Our Shamba

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