There is never a day I do not marvel at the joy and beauty that emanates from these children.   When they are hungry and thirsty, they share with each another.  When they are tired or sick, they take care of one another.  When one cries, another comes to the rescue.  Rarely do I see the children argue or fight. 

The children understand their plight in life, and are extraordinarily grateful for all the goods we bring them from the US.  100% of all funds raised go directly to these children.  Whether I purchase new shoes, clothing, food, water, mattresses or school supplies, the children know it is not me who provides these gifts, I am simply the one blessed to deliver them.  If a donor asks me to provide maize, I tell the children who it is from.  If I am asked to purchase daily milk, they know who directed me to provide this.

Every trip to Kenya is met with battles, challenges, sadness and frustration.  There have been moments when I have done my best to hide my tears, but have been unsuccessful in these attempts.  Inevitably, a child will comfort me, and tell me everything 'is going to be okay'.  These precious moments always make me take pause and marvel at the existence of such courageous and gentle beings.  That the children are such survivors always reinforces my determination to succeed.

100% OF ALL DONATIONS BENEFIT THE CHILDREN.   All Administrative and Promotional Costs are privately funded.

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