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For five years, we worked diligently to clothe, feed, and educate the children of another rural Rescue Center.  We received amazing support from the Kenyan community and WatotoWorld sponsors, but sustainable progress was stifled because of the corruption of the owner and manager of the center, and the manner in which the center was operated.

An acquaintance offered to donate a plot of land to Simmie to build a new home for the children of this center in 2012. Simmie's goal was to rescue the children from the rescue center. This meant a fresh start for the children, with the experience and knowledge of what is needed and how to get there.​​

They say what doesn't hurt you can only make you stronger. Years of navigating through the chaos and corruption of the original home was eye-opening and enormously frustrating; yet, without these experiences, we would not have known how to proceed and operate in a fully functional, safe, and compliant environment. We have worked through extreme difficulties, always with a positive eye on the future.  Consequently, we learned to work within the complicated Kenyan system and most importantly, have forged a strong alliance of people who sincerely want to help the children.


Nearly nine years later, WatotoWorld has become a force for the betterment of children throughout our community and region.  All our residents are happy, healthy and quite remarkably, sit at the top 10% of all their classes in school.

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