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Rescue Center

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My immediate goal with WatotoWorld, Inc. is to continue raising funds for the children.  As it stands, our donors and I pay for the majority of all needs: infrastructure, food, clothing, Matron's wages,  doctor visits, school supplies, uniforms, clothing, shoes and occasional school fees.  Without these basic needs, these children would fail to thrive.

Consequently, we have a vested interest in each child, and a commitment to ensure that each one is provided with the tools necessary for survival.

The challenges we are continually faced with are huge.  Our immediate goal is to raise funds for the construction of a borehole, which will provide water for the home, the community and further enhance our shamba for self sustainability.  We wish to put irrigation in place for our shamba, as well as a small greenhouse. Importantly, once this borehole is in plce, we have plans in development to construct an Educational/Community/Medical Center on our new plot of land. 


There is a critical need for orphanages in this area, particularly homes that can provide the basic human needs, enveloped in love and security.  There are over two million orphans in Kenya. WatotoWorld wishes to take in additional children as space allows.  Over the past six years, the hard work and subsequent accomplishments have given us the necessary experience, tools and drive to move forward. 

With your continued help, we can ensure this continued success and work towards building a new community in order to provide a brighter future for these children and others in the Kajiado District.

My nightly send off and INSPIRATION!


​We are thrilled to announce

​​The WatotoWorld Rescue Center

Additions for March 2013:

  --   Construction of 3 outdoor toilets
  --   Construction of 3 outdoor showers

  --   New Kitchen with jiko stove 

Additions for April/July 2013:

   --  ​ New office

   --   New dining/community area

   --   New askari (security) hut


            Additions for January/July 2014


   --   Purchase of an additional lot of land

   --   Increase existing solar power

   --   Purchase of used vehicle for transport


            Additions for April/July 2015


   --  New swing set

   --  Purchase of two additional lots of land

   --  Begin the process of borehole construction

Next Steps: ​​


   --  Complete construction of borehole  

   --  Irrigation of existing and new shamba

   --  Develop plans for Ed/Medical Center         

   --  Develop plans for greenhouse

   --  New chicken project

   --  Increase sponsorships for children

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